Swingset my Ribcage

When I go for drives alone, I recite other people's poems to myself instead of listening to the radio.

going to Bordeaux and Paris and Amsterdam in a month. Related: eating grilled cheese and porridge exclusively for next three months.

me: i’m writing a short story where a girl masturbates to feminist theory

guy: that would only work as a joke

me: no its totally serious though

considering pulling an ellen and not talking to my parents until i get back to america

boy: *points to flannery o’connor button on my backpack*

boy: is that bob saget?

me: goodbyeewrlkwedsklefgvlre


i just think its so adorable when boys do that thing with their hair where they have it all over their bodies but its actually fur and they have four legs and a wet nose and they’re puppies

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